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Indoor Track

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Coaching Opportunities
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Honor rolls
  • CSB/SJU Alumni Meet, Collegeville, January 26
    Scored by Apple Raceberry JaM Heat sheets will be posted Friday and results will be posted race day.
    Collegiate Coaches: To enter online, click here. Entries due January 24 at 10:00 am.
    CSB/SJU Alumni: To enter on line, click here.
    2018 results

  • CSB-SJU Invitational, Collegeville, February 9
    Scored by Apple Raceberry JaM Heat sheets will be posted Friday and results will be posted race day.
    Coaches: To enter online, click here. Entries due February 7 at 10:00 am.
    Live 2018 results
    Compiled 2018 results



    Honor Rolls
    2018 MIAC Indoor Performance Lists
    To update the lists, click here.
    Last updated March 11, 2018.
    Includes results of St. Scholastica Opener, Chuck Petersen Opener , Minnesota Open, UST Opener , Leonard Hilton Invite, St. Mary's Early Birdinal , UST Invitational , Vanessa Seljsekog Invite, St. Olaf Triangular, UW Stout Open, Cobber Open , CSB-SJU Alumni/Triangular, St. Olaf Quadrangular, Warren Bowlus, UND Indoor , Falcon Winter Classic, Jack Johnson Invitational, MSU Mankato Open & Multis, Hamster Invite , Luther Alumni, Meet of Hearts, Gene Glader Classic, Bison Open, Wartburg Select, Ted Nelson Classic, St. Thomas Showcase, CSB/SJU Invitational , SDSU Indoor Classic, Darren Young Classic, Yellowjacket Open, Snowshoe Open, Ole Open , Maverick Invite, Tostrud Classic , Parent's Day Open, Big Dog Invitational, UW Oshkosh Titan Challenge, MIAC Championships , Wartburg Last Chance, Stevens Point Qualifier, NCAA Championships

    Final 2017 lists.

    Click here for links to results from previous seasons, back to 1999.

    NCAA Division III All-Time Indoor Performance Lists


    Honor rolls

    Meet Results

    Results Archives
    The results posted at are usually replaced after a year has elapsed.
    Click here for links to results of various MIAC, MSHSL and NCAA (mostly Division III) events that are of lasting interest.

    2018 Results

    See also Schedule above for last year's results of meets listed there.

  • NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships, Birmingham CrossPlex, Ala., March 10-119-10ng site.

  • MIAC Indoor Championships, Macalester College, Feb. 22-24
    Results adapted from AccuRace site.
  • Complete results and seasonal performance lists going back to 1997, and results going back to 1990, are available in the raceberryjam archives.

  • MIAC Indoor Multis, Macalester College, Feb. 22-23

  • North Star Indoor Multievents, University of Jamestown, Feb. 11-12
    Live results Compiled results

  • Kelly Family Meet of Hearts, Carleton College, February 3

  • Meet of Miles, University of Minnesota, Jan. 16
    Results courtesy of Tim Zbikowski.

    About This Site

    This site is maintained by Apple RaceberryJaM, a Computer Services company based in Edina, Minnesota. We serve track and cross country meets and road races, mostly in Minnesota, but also do the NCAA Division III Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Championships (since 1997) and occasionally an NCAA Cross Country Championship as well (DI, DII, and DIII). The software we use is Apple RaceberryJaM, which is used by discerning meet and race directors (as well as other computer service companies) around the world. All the good-looking results posted at this site were produced by Apple RaceberryJaM. We also link to results done with less capable software that are posted elsewhere; those are the ones that don't look so good.

    Road race results that are scored with Apple Raceberry JaM are usually posted by 6 p.m. on the evening of the event. Track and cross country meet results may take longer, depending on the duration and location of the meet.

    Our aim is to make this site a regional resource, posting entry information and results (or links thereto) for events in the upper midwest regardless of whether or not they are scored with Apple Raceberry JaM. Results of races on certified courses in Minnesota are posted gratis provided we receive them (along with the documentation required for record keeping) within a week of the race. Results of other road races are published for $10 per race ($20 if there are more than 500 finishers, in which case the men's and women's results are separated). There is a small fee for posting entry information ($10 or one entry fee, whichever is greater).

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    9.50 Seth Glidewell Jr St. Thomas 4:40.23 ======================= Last Qualifier 4:40.23 Parker Rosenau ??????