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About This Site

This site is maintained by Apple RaceberryJaM, a Computer Services company based in Edina, Minnesota. We serve track and cross country meets and road races, mostly in Minnesota, but also did the NCAA Division III Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Championships (1997-2012) and occasionally an NCAA Cross Country Championship as well (DI, DII, and DIII). The software we use is Apple RaceberryJaM, which is used by discerning meet and race directors (as well as other computer service companies) around the world. All the good-looking results posted at this site were produced by Apple RaceberryJaM.

Results scored by Apple Raceberry JaM are usually posted during the event. See the link at the top of this page for what we are doing today (if anything).

Our aim is to make this site a regional resource, posting entry information and results (or links thereto) for events in the upper midwest regardless of whether or not they are scored with Apple Raceberry JaM. Results of races on certified courses in Minnesota are posted gratis provided they are submitted to the state record keeper Mike Setter (along with the documentation required for record keeping). Results of other road races are published for $10 per race ($20 if there are more than 500 finishers, in which case the men's and women's results are separated). There is also a $10 fee for posting entry information.

For information on how we may serve your event or to comment on this service, send a message to Jack Moran (

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