Apple Raceberry JaM

Services for Track Meets

Apple Raceberry JaM is a complete results service. We enter names, teams and events in our computers, time and score the meet with our equipment, and post your results on the Internet afterwards.

ARJ also services road races, triathlons and cross country meets.

Current Rates

You may choose to use our computer services, have us time the meet, or both.

Computer Services

Include data entry of name, age or year in school, events and seed performances, if any; seeding according to your specifications (performance lists furnished to help you decide on the number of heats and flights, or we decide according to your specifications); scoring events as they occur (advancing to finals per your specifications or scoring by performance); team scoring as the meet progresses; final results in compact form a few minutes after the last event. Results posted on the Internet the evening of the meet (for sample results, see our home page.).


Apple Raceberry JaM owns a state-of-the-art FinishLynx timing system. We have two cameras (one color and the other black-and-white), a strobe-type automatic starting system, and plenty of ethernet cable. The camera(s) is/are connected by cable to a computer on which an image of the finish is displayed immediately after the arrival of the last runner. Like Accutrack, the cameras see only the finish line; the image shows the times at which the runners reach it. By clicking on the front of a runner's torso the operator records the time of finish. There are no transcription errors in getting out the results.

To discuss the possibility of our scoring and/or timing your meet, contact Jack Moran. ARJ software is also available for purchase.