Apple Raceberry JaM

Race and Meet Management Software

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Apple Raceberry JaM is a modular software system used around the world on Macintosh and Windows computers to service road races, triathlons, and cross country meets and track meets. For a description of how the software works, see the online manuals . For a quick overview of the services you can perform with the ARJ software, click here.

Satisfied Customers

Here's a short list of web sites (besides raceberryjam, of course!) that feature results produced with Apple Raceberry JaM (if you're a JaMmer and post a lot of results, please send an email to Jack Moran ( and let me know the URL of the web site, so I can add it to this list):

Downloadable Demos

If you have a Macintosh running OS 10.6 or later, Adobe Reader and Unstuffit software, feel free to download a demo of the road race and cross country software here. If you do Windows and have Adobe Reader and Winzip software, here are some downloadable demos for you: Each of these demos deals with the process of scoring a race or meet, and not with the process of setting it up and doing the pre-race/meet data entry, which is actually one of Apple Raceberry JaM's strengths.

You will, however, be able to experience the quality of the results output, which is another strong point. Typically, output consists of a three-line title, centered and in 24-point type, over two columns of results in whatever font size seems to fit best. Gorgeous! And then there is the "HTML" output option that creates files you can send to the Internet, like the hundreds of files available at this site.

If you have problems downloading a demo feel free to request a demo disk which I will snail mail to you (tell me your address, whether you want to score track meets, cross country meets, or road races, and whether you do Macintosh or Windows).


Click here to update your manual online (or see what scoring a race or meet looks like in detail). You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site.


The Road Race/Cross Country package is available for $200. Extras: chip timing $100, data base package (create a database that you can draw on to accelerate manual data entry) $25, triathlons and wave starts $25.

The Cross Country package is a cut-down version of the Road Race package, lacking the ability to reassign ID numbers alphabetically and being much more limited in uploading entry data from files.

The Track & Field package is $200, complete.

If you want both the Track & Field and Road Race/Cross Country packages, the cost is $300.

To Purchase

Pleaae send me an email and I'll give you an address to which you can send a check.