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Minnesota Age Records

If you are looking for current Minnesota age records, click here. These are compiled by Mike Setter, who, as you can see if you browse thru his site, lists them by runner as well as by race distance. He also keeps track of the best current Minnesota runners, and scores them by their performances. Those lists, as well as the record lists, are updated thru the year. You can also find lists of past 'Runners of the Year' going back to 1986.

However, records are made to be broken. The page you're looking at aims to list all the state records runners have set in Minnesota, whether or not the record still stands. Pick the gender of the runner of interest below and select his/her name from the list on the next page. All the records that runner has set are listed, in chronological order. If the results of the race are in raceberryjam's vast archives, the list includes a link to those results.

If, alternatively, you wish to list all the state records runners that have been set in a particular Minnesota race, click on the 'Race' option.


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