Prairie Conference Championships Boys

Miles Track, Saint John's

May 15, 2019

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Track Events

Field Events

EventStart TimePosted EventStart TimePosted
4X800 METER RELAY11:30 amUpdate 12:00PM LONG JUMP10:00 amUpdate 11:20AM
110 METER HURDLES11:55 am12:12PM DISCUS THROWAbout 11:15 amUpdate 2:05PM
100 METER DASH12:15 pm12:22PM HIGH JUMPAbout 12:30 pmUpdate 1:19PM
800 METER RELAY12:30 pmUpdate 12:38PM TRIPLE JUMPAbout 12:30 pmUpdate 12:28PM
1600 METER RUN12:45 pmUpdate 1:05PM SHOT PUTAbout 1:30 pmUpdate 3:43PM
4X100 METER RELAY1:00 pmUpdate 1:09PM
400 METER DASH1:15 pmUpdate 1:27PM
300 METER HURDLES1:40 pmUpdate 1:42PM
800 METER RUN1:55 pmUpdate 1:59PM
200 METER DASH2:10 pm2:12PM
3200 METER RUN2:35 pmUpdate 2:53PM
4X400 METER RELAY3:00 pm3:07PM When a time is entered in the "Posted" column,
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