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Minnesota Long Distance Running Results

Minnesota has a long history of recording long-distance running results, including state-age records. We need your help to continue that tradition.

After the race, please email your results in a text file (CSV preferred) to Tom Ruen, the Minnesota state record keeper. After receipt of the results and this form (please submit it by hitting the Submit button below), your results will be posted here and here and linked to your web site.

Note from the form that, for performances to be accepted for Minnesota state records, the course must have been certified before the race.

The course must be monitored to insure that runners follow the course as certified. If the course is "out and back," there should be someone at the turnaround point to direct the runners. If any runners were disqualified, you'll be asked to report them.

Also, at least two timing devices must be started with the race start and read at the finish. And, unless a chip system is used to record the finish time of each individual, "select times" (times and ID numbers) must be recorded for as many individuals as possible.

Before chip timing made it possible to provide a time and place for every finisher, large races had to collect tags and punch push-button timers in multiple chutes. If runners were timed in more than one chute separately, please submit their results and this form separately for each chute.

Thanks for your participation in the Minnesota State Record system. For past records, go here.


Race name
Race Date  
Distance Mile   5K   8K   5 Mile   10K   12K   15K   10 Mile   20K   Half Marathon

25K   30K   20 Mile   Marathon   50K   50 Mile   100K

Course certification number(s)MN
Race Location (City)MN


Course monitored for course cutting? Yes   No
Any runners disqualified? Yes   No


System used to time runners (e.g., MYLAPS)
All finishers' IDs and times individually recorded (chip system)? Yes   No
Winner's time (to tenths of seconds) Hours Minutes Seconds
Backup time on winner Hours Minutes Seconds
FinishersMen Women
Number of separately timed finish chutes


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