On-Line Meet Entry

 Apple Raceberry JaM

The Password

If you've already got a user name and password, enter them in the boxes of the form you just left and click the "Enter" button.

If not, or if you've forgotten it, click where it says "click here." You'll then get a screen that asks you to enter your email address. After so doing, the system may find you have already been assigned a password and pop your data into a form. If so, the password will be emailed to you immediately. A followup email will also be sent, just in case the first one didn't go through.

If the system doesn't have your email address on file, a password will be generated for you and emailed to you within a day.

Entry Procedure

After you enter your user name and password, the screen below appears. Select the proper meet (from the drop-down menu) and gender.

If you have a roster on file (ARJaM will load its files with rosters from TFRRS for collegiate meets and from MSHSL for Minnesota high schools), the roster will be downloaded the first time you click on "Enter Individual Athletes." The runners are then listed in alphabetical order and you can scratch those will not run this meet.

 Apple Raceberry JaM

If you have no roster on file, or wish to add to entries already selected, clicking on "Enter Individual Athletes" brings up the screen below. Click on "Select an athlete;" a pop-up menu appears. See if the one you want is on file. If not (or if you're entering a roster from scratch), click in the "First name" box on the screen below and start entering the data on the athlete. When the first and last name are filled in and a school year selected, click on "Enter Athlete."  Apple Raceberry JaM

Your last entry is shown on the next screen along with everyone else you've entered. Click on "Enter another athlete," and you're taken back to the screen below. Keep going till you've entered them all, and then click on "Submit entries."

 Apple Raceberry JaM

You can review your entries, and make scratches, by clicking on "Review Entries" in the first screen. If you see someone's missing, hit "Continue" and then on "Enter Individual Athletes." Use the drop-down menu to see if the athlete is already there. If not, tab to the "First name" box and enter his/her data as above.